Discover Gusu-gok Natural Recreation Forest: An Eco-Friendly Camping Retreat

Gusugok Natural Recreation Forest

Gusugok Natural Recreation Forest
Embrace the refreshing atmosphere of the forest at the nature-friendly camping ground located in Gusugok Natural Recreation Forest.


Gusugok Natural Recreation Forest is nestled in the northern part of Uljin County, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It is about 14 km away from the Uljin County Office, a quick 20-minute drive via Hajoong-ro, Hadang 1-gil, and Shibi-ryeong-ro. The location within the refreshing forest allows visitors to fully experience the benefits of nature, making it an ideal choice for nature-lovers. The site boasts 40 regular camping sites, all decked surfaces. The size and quantity of the sites vary: 10 sites are 4m x 4m while 30 sites are 3.3m x 3.7m. Personal trailers or caravans are not allowed. The campsite operates both on weekdays and weekends with a break from November to the following April each year. Nearby attractions include Yongso Waterfall, Hujeong Beach, Jukbyeon Harbor, and Bongpyeong Beach, making it convenient for combined tours. There are also plenty of restaurants selling fresh seafood near the beach.

Features and Benefits

  • Accommodation facilities

Address & Contact

2721 Shibi-ryeong-ro, Buk-myeon, Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Phone: 054-789-5470

Nearby Activities

  • Spring flower trips
  • Summer water play
  • Fall foliage spots