Discover Dalja Camping Site: A Scenic Splendor Rivaling the Alps

Moonlight Camping Site (달자캠핑장)

Moonlight Camping Site

With a backdrop that can rival the beauty of the Alps, the Moonlight Camping Site offers an exceptional camping experience for those who adore the great outdoors.

Introduction to the Moonlight Camping Site

Located in the Sangchon-myeon area of Yeongdong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, the Moonlight Camping Site is situated near ‘Mulhangeolgyeok’. To get there, take the Gyeongbu Expressway to Hwanggan IC, then follow the 901 local road towards Mulhangeolgyeok. After about 10 minutes, you’ll reach a mountain path that leads you to the site. A sign for the ‘Moonlight Camping Site’ will appear on your left at the end of the navigation guide. Make a left turn and you’ll find the entrance to the campsite about 300m ahead.

The campsite, which is nestled on the mountainside, offers breathtaking views that make you feel as if you’re in the Alps. The site operates walnut and persimmon farms, adding to the unique charm of the campsite. There are two campgrounds with a total of 16 sites. Only regular camping is allowed, so you’ll need to park your vehicle in the parking lot. The administration building has bungalows, shower rooms, toilets, and a water fountain. There’s also a mini swimming pool that operates during the summer.

Features and Benefits

  • Even during the peak summer months of July and August, the campsite remains closed for maintenance, ensuring a high-quality camping experience for all guests.


The Moonlight Camping Site is located at 239-58, Daeha-gil, Sangchon-myeon, Yeongdong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do.

Contact Info

There is no phone number available for this campground.

Nearby Activities

When you’re not camping, there are plenty of nearby activities to enjoy. These include:

  • Sunset viewing spots
  • Spring flower trips
  • Autumn foliage sites
  • Walking trails

Please note that there are no restaurants or markets nearby, so it’s recommended to bring your own food and supplies.