Deep Valley Camping: Strengthening Family Bonds through Camping Fun

Deep Valley Camping Ground

Enjoy camping in the Deep Valley and deepen your love with your family.

Deep Valley Camping Ground

Deep Valley Camping Ground, or ‘깊은골캠핑장’ as it is known in Korean, is a sprawling campsite nestled between the breathtaking landscape of ‘Wave Meeting’ and ‘Deogyusan Resort’, two of the 33 scenic spots in Mujugucheondong. Spread over an area of 6700㎡, the campsite boasts 42 auto camping spots divided into three zones – A, B, and C. Zone A features 12 grass sites, while zones B and C offer gravel sites.

This environmentally friendly campsite is the perfect place to soak in the clear natural beauty of Mujugucheondong. The nearby valley is ideal for water play for all ages. It offers two varieties of depths – one deep enough for adults to enjoy, and another shallow one for kids. Besides water play, one can also indulge in fishing in the valley. The edge of the water is a perfect spot to grill some meat and take in the tranquility of the surrounding nature.

The clean air at Deep Valley Camping Ground enables the visitors to enjoy insect collecting activities like catching dragonflies and grasshoppers in the forest. If that isn’t enough, the nearby Bandiland is a great place to visit with children. Also, the Muju Firefly Festival, held every September, promises a unique experience if you’re visiting during that time.

Key Information

  • Address: 1284-6, Gucheondong-ro, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • Telephone: 063-324-3470

Nearby Activities

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