DanYang Rainbow Auto-Campsite: A Pristine Camping Experience Along The South Han River

Danyang Rainbow Auto Camping Site

Danyang Rainbow Auto Camping Site

Have you ever dreamt of camping in a pristine site along the South Han River? Danyang Rainbow Auto Camping Site, located in Gagok-eup, Danyang County, Chungbuk, is the perfect place for you. Just about 10 km from Danyang County Office, this site boasts a beautiful landscape thanks to its location between Gadae Ecological Wetland and South Han River.

Getting There

Reaching Danyang Rainbow Auto Camping Site is a breeze. It’s just a 15-minute drive along Byulgok 3-ro, Namhangang-ro, and Gadae 1-gil. The campsite has prepared 25 deck sites, each measuring 6m in width and 8m in length. Each site is equipped with steel supports for setting up shade tents, perfect for enjoying a cool rest under the trees.


The campsite accommodates trailers and caravans, but pets are not allowed. It operates all year round, making it a perfect spot for camping in any season, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Attractions and Amenities

Nearby attractions include Goo-in Temple, Ondal Cave, and Gosu Cave, making it easy to plan a trip that incorporates visits to these famous tourist sites. Many restaurants in the vicinity ensure that you won’t go hungry during your camping trip.

Contact Details

  • Address: 55 Gadae-ri, Gagok-myeon, Danyang County, Chungbuk
  • Telephone: 010-8797-9246


What’s more, the campsite offers a range of activities for an unforgettable experience. Enjoy summer water sports or visit the famous autumn foliage attractions for an amazing camping experience.