Daedunsan Green City Auto Camping – A Playground of Fresh Valley and Pristine Nature

Daedunsan Green City Auto Camping Ground

Daedunsan Green City Auto Camping Ground is a campsite that feels as if a fairy might descend to play, located amidst pristine nature and a beautiful valley.


The Daedunsan Green City Auto Camping Ground is situated near Daedunsan, also known as the Geumgangsan of Honam. This campground not only offers camping opportunities but also operates glamping and pensions. The campsite uses a crushed stone site on a wide flat ground, and the site size is 10m×10m, which is larger and wider compared to other campsites. Each site has trees planted at the boundary points, thanks to which campers can enjoy camping comfortably without colliding with others.

All sites have electricity available. The campground also features a store selling camping necessities, clean restrooms with good hot water, shower rooms, and water taps. Notably, a large capacity instant water heater is located next to the water tap, providing warm water even in the dead of winter.

This place is surrounded by mountains and valleys in a pristine area. In the valley where large and small rocks are appropriately mixed with clear air and clean water, you can play in the water like a fairy. Above all, there is an advantage that you can fall asleep while looking at the stars shining in the night sky. As for nearby tourist attractions, the Daedunsan Cable Car, Hwaeomsa Temple, Taegosa Temple, Ansimsa Temple, Okgyecheon Valley, Cheondeungsan, Daedunsan Provincial Park, Daedunsan Natural Recreation Forest, and Gwon Yul’s Ichidaecheopbi are worth a visit.


The Daedunsan Green City Auto Camping Ground is located at 157-1 Sanbuk-ri, Unju-myeon, Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do.

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