Daechon Auto Camping Site: Nestled Near Daechon Beach

Daecheon Auto Camping Site

Daecheon Auto Camping Site

The Daecheon Auto Camping Site is an enchanting outdoor haven nestled near the popular Daecheon Beach. It is a perfect getaway for those who crave a blend of beach fun and camping adventures.

Location and Accessibility

The camping site is conveniently situated in Jukyo-myeon, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do, approx. 7 km from Boryeong City Hall. It’s a quick 15-minute drive, alternating between Sungju Mountain Road, Myeonghae Road, Daecheon Seawall, and Central Road. The site’s prime location near Daecheon Beach makes it an ideal spot for a summer beach vacation.

Immersed in Nature

The camping site is surrounded by a lush pine forest, offering campers a chance to immerse themselves in the refreshing ambiance filled with phytoncides. As you stroll through the pine forest, you’ll come across a stream shaped like the alphabet ‘H’ – a delightful surprise for nature lovers!

Campsite Amenities

The site offers 23 auto camping spots, each with a crushed stone floor and a site size of 5m x 5m. It also accommodates personal trailers and caravans. The campsite is open throughout the year, on both weekdays and weekends, with real-time online booking available.

Nearby Attractions and Activities

Conveniently located close to famous tourist spots like Daecheon Beach, Boryeong Port, and Sungju Valley, the campsite offers opportunities for combined trips. Daecheon Auto Camping Site is also surrounded by numerous restaurants where you can savor fresh seafood. Lastly, it’s an ideal place for summer water fun!

Contact Details

  • Address: 178-58, Cultural Village Road, Jukyo-myeon, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do.
  • Telephone: Not Provided