Chuwolsan Gold Campsite: A Camping Experience that Shines Brighter than Gold

Chuwolsan Gold Campground: Shining Brighter than Gold

Located at Gama-gol Road in Yongmyeon, Damyang County, Chuwolsan Gold Campground is a dazzling camping site that operates both an auto campsite and a pension. The campground, which is spread over 1,500 pyeong of land, offers an enchanting view from a high altitude and boasts a creek in front of it where you can enjoy water games in the summer or take a leisurely stroll along the walking path.

Chuwolsan Gold Campground

The campsite is composed of a general campsite with 20 faces and three caravans. Notably, the caravans are modern and equipped with a large bathtub inside. According to the reviews of visitors, the campground boasts excellent facilities earning it the trendy term ‘Hyuja Campground’. Immaculate restrooms, showers, and sinks are a given, with hot water readily available. The management office and convenience store sell various camping necessities, including beverages, ice cream, and firewood. There are also air bounce castles, playgrounds, a cinema, and a ping-pong table for children, allowing you to enjoy both culture and sports.

Moreover, safety facilities like fire hydrants are well-equipped, and nearby attractions such as Yongyeon Waterfall, Gama-gol Ecological Park, Gwanbangjeolim, and Juknokwon provide opportunities for both relaxation and tourism.


  • Address: 221-4 Gama-gol Road, Yongmyeon, Damyang County, Jeollanam-do
  • Telephone: 061-383-9210

Nearby Activities

There’s a plethora of activities to keep you busy during your stay at Chuwolsan Gold Campground. They include:

  • Water and air leisure activities
  • Fishing
  • Spring flower viewing
  • Summer water games
  • Autumn foliage viewing spots
  • Winter snow flower viewing spots
  • Walking paths