Chilgokbo Auto Camping Site: The Perfect Getaway near Nakdong Rivers Scenic Area

Chilgokbo Auto Campground

Chilgokbo Auto Campground


Located near the Nakdong River’s Seven Sceneries of Chilgokbo, Chilgokbo Auto Campground is a fantastic camping destination for those seeking a blend of nature and culture. Nestled in Yakmok-myeon, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongbuk region, the campground is a mere 4 km away from the Chilgok County office. The drive encompasses a scenic route along Guncheong 4-gil, Central Road, and Riverside West Road, leading to the campground in just under 10 minutes.

Campground Details

The campground boasts ninety-nine auto-camping sites, each graced with a lush green lawn. The sites vary in size, offering options to cater to different camping needs. The campsite dimensions include ten 10m x 15m sites, forty 10m x 10m sites, twenty 10m x 8m sites, and thirty 7m x 8m sites. Although personal trailer entry is prohibited, personal caravans are permitted. The campground is open all year round, and reservations can be made online in real time.

Surrounding Attractions

Chilgokbo Auto Campground is located near one of the three largest semi-villages in Yeongnam, Maewon Village, which is famous for its breathtaking lotus blossoms during the summer. There are also numerous restaurants around the Chilgok County office, perfect for campers who wish to explore local cuisine.

  • Address: 8, Gwanho-ri, Yakmok-myeon, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongbuk
  • Contact: 054-974-7997

Nearby Activities

The campground’s location near the Nakdong River provides ample opportunities for water activities, especially in the summer. Whether you’re looking to relax by the water or seeking adventurous water sports, Chilgokbo Auto Campground has something for everyone.