Camp Won Tourist Farm: The Largest Auto-Camping Site in Cheongdo

Camp One Tourist Farm

Camp One Tourist Farm
Camp One Tourist Farm, or “캠프원 관광농원” in Korean, is a splendid camping site, nestled in the heart of Maengjeon-myeon district in the Cheongdo County of North Gyeongsang Province. It holds the title of the largest auto camping site in Cheongdo, offering an immersive experience of Korean nature and culture.

Location and Access

The campsite is situated approximately 18 km from the Cheongdo County Office. A 30-minute drive via Cheongryero, Jungangro, and Cheongmaero roads will lead you straight to this charming site. The camp’s proximity to the Dongchang Stream, which flows into the Miryang River, adds to its serene ambiance.

Facilities and Services

The camping grounds are equipped with 227 auto camping sites and 4 glamping areas. Packed with crushed stone, the auto camping sites measure a spacious 12m by 7m, making it a perfect fit for personal trailers and caravans. The camp also offers camping equipment such as reel-lines at the management office. The campsite operates mainly on weekends, except during the summer peak season when it’s open even on weekdays. It is closed from December to February the following year. Reservations can be made in real-time online.

Tourist Attractions

  • Jangyeon Ecological Park
  • Bullyeongsa Temple
  • Guman Waterfall

These rich tourist resources near the campsite make it an ideal location for those looking to explore Korea’s natural beauty. Numerous restaurants in the vicinity also offer a variety of delightful dishes for you to relish.

Contact Information

Address: 449, Hohwa-ri, Maengjeon-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Telephone: 054-371-0606

Nearby Activities

One of the key highlights during the summer is the opportunity for water play. It’s a refreshing way to beat the heat and enjoy the outdoor environment.