Byeonsan Peninsula National Park Gosapo Campground: A Nationally Managed Camping Site within the Pine Forest of Gosapo Beach

Byeonsanbando National Park: Gosa-Po Campsite

Gosa-Po Campsite

Emerging from the heart of the pine forest of Gosa-Po Beach, the Gosa-Po Campsite is a camping facility managed by the National Park Authority. Gosa-Po beach is a part of Byeonsanbando National Park, boasting a magnificent white sand beach stretching about 2km and a dense, wide pine forest extending about 300m for wind protection. Among the beaches in the area, it is the largest and the dense pine forest makes it an ideal camping site.

The Gosa-Po Campsite is set up within the pine forest of Gosa-Po Beach. In front of the beach, there is a small island, known as Shrimp Island or Ha Island, given its resemblance to a shrimp. Around the full moon or new moon, a “modern-day Moses’ miracle” occurs – a roughly 2km sea path opens from the beach to the island. During this time, visitors can walk to the island and enjoy the delight of catching clams, octopuses, or sea cucumbers.

Location and Contact

The Gosa-Po Campsite is located at 441-11, Unsan-ri, Byeonsan-myeon, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do. For any further inquiries or to make a reservation, please contact them at 063-582-7808.

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