Blue Mountain: Unwind at our Glamorous Camping and Caravan Site with Stunning Views of Palgongsan

Blue Mountain – A Breathtaking Glamping and Caravan Campsite Set against the Backdrop of Palgongsan

Blue Mountain Campsite

Located in the Dong District of Daegu Metropolitan City, the Blue Mountain campsite is a delightful retreat for nature and culture enthusiasts. Just about a 40-minute drive from the Daegu Metropolitan City Hall, passing through the Gongsan Tunnel towards the Daegu International Airport, will guide you to this serene abode.

Set against the backdrop of Palgongsan, a renowned mountain in the Yeongnam region, the campsite provides breathtaking views throughout the year, making every visit a unique experience. The campsite is equipped with six varying sizes of glamping units and a caravan, each equipped with everyday necessities such as a TV, bedding, and heating and cooling systems. A private deck with a BBQ-ready table adds to the charm of the outdoor experience. Charcoal and grills are available for rent until 9 pm.

To top it all, the campsite also offers a breakfast service featuring morning bread, milk, and coffee. The vicinity of the campsite is filled with tourist attractions including the Eunhaesa Temple, known for its thousand-year history, and Palgong CC for golf enthusiasts. Foodies can delight their taste buds at the famous Gunbulro, known for its duck dishes, and Deodeok Village, a specialty restaurant for Deodeok cuisine.

Location and Contact Information

Address: 47-1, Neungseong-dong, Dong District, Daegu Metropolitan City, South Korea

Telephone: 053-853-8888