Apple Glamping: Experience Healing and Tranquility Amidst Pine Forests and Apple Orchards

Apple Glamping Site

Apple Glamping Site

Experience the serenity of a clear cypress forest and apple orchard at Apple Glamping site.


Apple Glamping is a camping site located in Damjang-ro, Jangseong-gun. The reason for the ‘Apple’ in the name is because there is an incredibly vast apple orchard right in front. The camping site is made up of six glamping facilities, each fully equipped with various cooking tools such as a TV, refrigerator, electric rice cooker, coffee pot, spoons, and pots. The heating facilities are also excellent, ensuring a warm stay even in winter.

Surrounded by cypress trees, this is a nature-friendly glamping site enveloped by mountains on all sides. You can enjoy camping while breathing in the fresh air. There is a stream flowing right next to it, and a grassy field spread out, creating a perfect environment for children to run around. There is a wooden platform at the foot of the mountain, with a panoramic view of the glamping site and large swimming pool. Sitting on the platform, you can feel the gentle breeze and cool off by dipping your feet in the stream flowing beneath the platform.

Moreover, Apple Glamping is conveniently located near various tourist attractions such as Baekyangsa, Jangseong Lake, Namchang Valley, Damyang Bamboo Forest, and Metasequoia Road, making it a great base camp for exploring the area.


  • Address: 1279-0 Damjang-ro, Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Contact: 010-8570-9609

Nearby Activities

Walking trails are available for those who wish to explore the surroundings.