505 Pension & Camping: A Site with Water Play Facilities Rivaling a Water Park

505 Pension & Camping (O-Gong-O): An Envious Water Park-like Camping Site

505 Pension & Camping

505 Pension & Camping is a unique camping site nestled in Sagok-myeon, Gongju City, Chungnam. With facilities that rival a water park, it offers an ideal escape for those seeking a refreshing summer retreat.


Located about 20 minutes from Gongju City Hall, the 505 Pension & Camping is easily accessible via Ungjin-ro, through Yeonmi Tunnel and Shin-young Tunnel. As you navigate the tranquil country roads and ascend a moderately steep hill, the camping site comes into view, boasting facilities that might make even a decent water park envious.

The site is equipped with a large swimming pool and water slides, offering fun for everyone, young and old. In peak summer, the place is so popular that there’s barely any room to step. The camping site has 22 spots available, each measuring a spacious 6m x 7m. It can accommodate personal caravans and trailers, with fees equivalent to those of a regular camping site. For campers who might have forgotten some camping gear, the management office provides rental services for extension cords and heating appliances.

Additionally, the camping site is surrounded by many famous tourist attractions of Gongju, such as Magoksa Temple. The nearby Yugueup is teeming with restaurants specializing in Gongju Hanwoo and other local delicacies.

Features and Benefits

  • Water park-like facilities
  • Spacious camping spots
  • Convenient rental services for camping equipment
  • Proximity to local tourist attractions and restaurants

Contact Information

Address: 43, Hogye Hwanggol-gil, Sagok-myeon, Gongju City, Chungnam
Telephone: 010-7330-2505

Nearby Activities

Among the fun-filled activities to indulge in around 505 Pension & Camping, water play during summer stands out as a favorite. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first-timer, this camping site is guaranteed to offer an unforgettable experience.