Military-Styled Glamping & Camping at Camp 1950 by 민들레울

Camp 1950 by Dandelion Hill

Camp 1950 by Dandelion Hill


Located approximately 38km from the Kimcheon City Hall in the Daedeok-myeon area of Gyeongsangbuk-do, Camp 1950 by Dandelion Hill is a unique glamping and camping site that stimulates the senses with its military concept. The journey to reach the campsite is about 50 minutes by car, taking alternating routes on Guseongji-rye and Namkimcheon-daero. As soon as you step into the campsite, the military-themed setting engages your senses with an array of sights, ranging from military trucks, ambulances and tents to an intriguing landscape.

Accommodation and Facilities

The camping site features 11 glamping units and 9 regular camping grounds, complete with helicopter and submarine-shaped accommodation facilities. Inside the glamping units, you’ll find field beds, large air conditioners, tables, and bedding. The regular camping grounds measure 3m by 6m each, with military-style shades installed on steel decks. Rental services for essentials like tents, extension cords, grills, heaters, utensils, and sleeping bags are available at the administration office.

Location and Nearby Attractions

  • Address: 160 Namkimcheon-daero, Daedeok-myeon, Kimcheon-si
  • Telephone: 055-942-5006

There are numerous attractions in close proximity to the camping site such as Bonggok Temple, Daedeok Mountain, and Sudo Mountain, making it easy to enjoy combined tourism. Heading towards Jeungsan-myeon from the campsite, you’ll find a plethora of restaurants where you can enjoy a meal to your liking.

Features and Benefits

The distinctive military concept of the campsite offers an unforgettable experience for all camping enthusiasts.

Nearby Activities

During the summer, water activities are a popular choice for campers.